Fallout Fan Based RPG

This will be a homebrew game. See the rules section for character creation, and general game play information.

See the wiki for information on the setting and some of the general knowledge of the region, creatures, and factions around where your character will start.

PC’s need not know one another before hand, nor do the need to be from the area, though it could be helpful. Situations will present themselves for the party to meet and form in game… though I would encourage you to think strongly about why your PC would join a group of strangers in a hostile and deadly world filled with cannibal, murderous madmen known as Raiders, strange and deadly mutant creatures, zombies (okay not really Zombies, but Ghouls look an awful lot like one, and the ones that go feral are just as dangerous… Point of note here, calling a Ghoul a “zombie” to its face will likely get it upset at you and it might try to blow your face off, feral or not,) and all kinds of other things? Sure, the idea of safety in numbers is a good one, but HOW would your character know that these other PCs weren’t some of those very dangers? By the way you can play a ghoul or a vanilla human.

This game will be taking place in the wasteland of Southerner Commonwealth of the United States, formerly the state of Louisiana, now known as the LwizyĆ n region. The characters should consider a connection to this area or the city state of NoLeans, led by the enigmatic President Etienne LeBeau. Other power players in the region are the Council of Creole Tribes, directing and controlling the people of the bayou; Samuel Blackwater, a businessman with connections to old world tech and energy that provides power and clean water to NoLeans but seems to have ties to the Brotherhood of Steel, and several same towns and settlement scattered about some protected by Noleans, others rules by wasteland gangs, and still others protecting them selves against all else. There are also several Vaults in the area, some actively trading with the outside world, others eerily quite.

Greater North American Wasteland