President Etienne LeBeau

Presidential protector of N'Luns and Lwizyàn Territory


Ambitious and charismatic leader of N’Luns and the varied allied towns and creole tribes in Lwizyàn (formerly the state of Louisiana.)

LeBeau is a tribal born Creole, that gained a voice among the bayou creole tribes before he ever came to N’Luns, a seat he still maintains in spite of no longer representing a tribe. Eight years ago he brokered a peace agreement between the creole and the decaying remains of N’Luns. Under his supervision N’Luns implemented a conscript program called the N’LunsPublic Works (NLPW). NLPW started out as a social program providing the redevelopment of civic infrastructures like roads, housing, water purification centers, and later limited sustained electricity through outsourcing and an alliance with Blackwater Industries.

Though originally non-military in nature, a branch of NLPW was re-designated as a National Guard and charged with the protection of N’Luns and its citizens. Creole tribals were set up as leaders within the organization to provide survival training, but the creole mistrusted the N’Luns citizens in spite of their respect for LeBeau relations were strained at best between the NLNG and the creole. LeBeau enacted the tribal demilitarized zone that allowed the tribes their bayous without NLNG presence except when invited or requested.

President LeBeau controls the NLNG with an absolute power, and has stabilized some of the region of Lwizyàn though NLNG support and presence. NLNG at LeBeau’s direction enforces a state of martial law in the less civilized regions plagued by maunders, gangs, and non-creole lead tribes.


President Etienne LeBeau

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