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Geckos can be found living across the entirety of the GNA wasteland, with many different species calling the local areas their breeding grounds. There are three main types of gecko: the common gecko, the golden gecko, and the fire gecko.

Geckos in general are reptilian, and are normally born with a pair of fins behind their heads. Their eyes possess an orange tint, and their body coloration differs greatly based on the gecko sub-species present. Geckos have evolved with five fingers and five toes, and are known to use both claws and teeth to attack prey or defend themselves.

Common Gecko

Common geckos ranger in color from light greens to browns and may be marked with spotted or striped patterns. Geckos appear in small to large packs depending the location, and nearness to food, water and breeding areas. They will charge at their prey with their mouths open, and attack by biting and with swipes from their clawed hands. These are generally seen as the least dangerous species of gecko.

Golden gecko

Gecko with brilliant metalic yellow, orange, and golden scales. They can be found around areas with background irradiation or leaking waste containers that can be scattered about the wastelands. Golden geckos have been affected by high levels of radiation, causing their larger size and unique coloration. In addition, exposure to radiation has caused their attacks to inflict significantly large doses of radiation.

Fire geckos

Fire geckos have mottled purple and red hides, and prominent spikes on their backs. In addition to their bite and claw attacks, they have the ability to spit venom that ignites in oxygen after leaving their mouths.

FO - gecko

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