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Exposure to radiation for an extended period of time sometimes causes humans with an unknown genetic characteristic to transform into ghouls, although rare cases faster transformations are not unheard of. Exposure to radiation typically results in sickness followed by death for the average human being; however, the genetic x-factor that will lead to mutation into a ghoul upon exposure, instead of the typical deadly outcome, remains unknown.

Most known ghouls in the Core Region were created from vault dwellers living in Vault 12 under Bakersfield, known as Necropolis after the Great War, located in southern California. As part of the vast Vault Experiment Program, the Vault 12 door was designed to not close properly. Radiation from nuclear detonations and the subsequent fallout contaminated the vault, resulting in the death or mutation of every occupant. Now, they can be found in small amounts throughout this region, most of which are in Gecko, a town established near an old, half-functional Poseidon Energy nuclear power plant. Many could also be found in Broken Hills, an old town located near a uranium mine, typically inhabited by humans, super mutants and ghouls. However, the uranium was eventually depleted and the town was abandoned sometime after 2242.

Ghouls from other regions most likely originated from opportune or home-made shelters. Such shelters were not adequate to fully protect against all the effects of nuclear fallout. Radiation levels in some areas were such that they were low enough not to kill people, but high enough not to leave them unscathed. There are ghouls in the Midwest, most notably a nuclear weapon-worshipping cult in Kansas City. Both Quincy and Springfield also have at least some ghoul occupants. In Texas, most of the former residents of Los Ybanez, known as Los after the Great War, have become ghouls, probably remaining blocked at the entrance of the Secret Vault. Later, in the same city, the Church of the Lost was created by former vault dwellers of the Secret Vault that had become ghouls.

In the Capital Wasteland, many ghouls currently alive were born long after the Great War in 2077 and succumbed to radiation poisoning much later, due to the high levels of radiation in Washington, D.C. and its surroundings for decades following the fall of the bombs. The majority of intelligent ghouls in the Capital Wasteland have chosen to settle in Underworld, a settlement established in the Museum of History in the ruins of The Mall. The settlement got its name from the exhibit on mythological representations of the afterlife in which the ghouls established their town.

In the Mojave Wasteland, they can be found in small amounts throughout the region, but no town is completely dedicated to them. There are usually a few ghouls living among humans in various communities performing jobs in order to survive, such as the guard Beatrix Russell, and the comedian Hadrian, both of which are in Freeside. The only known community of ghouls in the region is the Bright Brotherhood, a religious faction located in the REPCONN test site, founded and lead by an intelligent glowing one named Jason Bright, who wants to leave Earth and go into space to find a “new world”, a promised land foretold by Bright. There are also several ghoul rangers occupying Ranger station Echo, implying some level of acceptance of ghouls serving in the NCR.


Since the war, more people have had run-ins with ghouls, both civil and feral. Because of the animalistic behavior and savage threat feral ghouls pose, many people view all ghouls negatively. One particularly bigoted view is the feeling most people have that “they’ll all go feral one day.” Negative stereotypes about ghouls stem from wastelanders who couldn’t care less that not all ghouls are feral. Terms like “zombie,” “shuffler,” or “brain eater” are common insults. Because of this general negativity, some ghouls have developed a bitter hatred of humans.

Ghoul Perk

A player only during character creation may buy the “ghoulification” perk, increasing some stats while lowering others, and limiting them thorough out the rest of the characters life. In additions the player character loses two permanent health levels, but gain will not be attacked by any type of feral ghouls unless instigating the hostility.

PC may place an single point into PE, IN or LK. All stats must meet the minimum at creation of character before this perk is bought, any points that exceed the maximum are lost unless other perks have been bought to increase that attribute stat. (Legendary Strength would alow a Ghoul to have a ST of 4 rather than 3 for example.)

Ghoul S.P.E.I.C.A.L. Limits
ST : 1/3
PE : 2/5
EN : 1/5
CH : 1/4
IN : 1/6
AG : 1/4
LK : 2/6

FO - ghoul

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