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History of the Greater North American Wastelands

GNAW’s history is steeped in the history of the Fallout game series and will use its cannon for GNAW history. Small variation that I think make sense and add to the setting will be noted, but not called out. I’d like to thank the people who developed the lush post apocalyptic world and used it to produce all the titles in the Fallout family (including the Brotherhood of Steel games.)

GNAW picks up and leaves off where the Fallout games end and/or start. Check the timeline page for events presented in the games cannon. Do not alter them in your game but allow them to define what the player characters may know and can learn about their would.

Radroaches, scorpions, giant ants, geckos, ghouls, deathclaws, and FEV super mutants all belong in this world, but that doesn’t mean that there are no other surprises. And each setting and region in GNAW should have its own unique and deadly flora and fauna. The creatures pages will provide both player and GM data on possible new forms life and how to survive them.

Players should be able to choose perks and traits as well as playable races that might be something other than human as approved by the GM.

This document will detail game rules, and system mechanics in addition to the everything else. I will borrow and possibly down right steal from different systems as I develop this game, at times things may change complete as a result of failed rules. Be patient and don’t panic this reality is still unstable.

Main Page

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